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Innovation through Collaboration

Working in partnership to deliver real business benefits.

Over five years ago, Mark Lloyd, the Health, Safety and Sustainability Manager for Crown Paints Limited was looking to collaborate with a body that could assist with the generation of improvements to accelerate the sustainability status of Crown Paints.

Through discussions with David Bowker, the Director of NIMTECH, a project was initiated that has gone from strength to strength in reducing waste costs, improving compliance with legislation and increasing recycling which has brought increasing rebates for Crown Paints on materials where little or no income had been generated previously.

Furthermore, because NIMTECH is a social enterprise that employs people from long term unemployment, the employment opportunities generated have been taken by people from communities close to the Crown Paints production sites in Darwen, Lancashire and Hull UK.

This means that besides securing better management of wastes controlling the costs, Crown Paints Limited, through collaboration with the social enterprise NIMTECH, also demonstrates true Corporate Social Responsibility status.

NIMTECH was also an ideal vehicle through which collaboration with the University of Lancaster was generated to investigate ways in which effluent might be more efficiently and cost effectively managed. The initial pilot project which was scoped out and project managed by NIMTECH attracted European support funding and has subsequently led to a deeper Knowledge Transfer Project.

Ways in which the benefits which have been generated with Crown Paints can be extended to other companies has already begun.

If you believe that we may be able to help with reducing your waste costs and improving your CSR status, please don’t hesitate to contact us.