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Terms of Service

Donated Paint

  • All donated paint is recycled by NIMTECH Ltd in partnership with Crown Paints’.
  • We will always try our best to meet the needs of your project, however we cannot guarantee availability.
  • Delivery shall be made by collection of the paint from a site notified by NIMTECH Ltd.
  • The paint donated should only be used for the project, as described in the application form. Under no circumstances should surplus paint donated to the project, be resold.
  • The paint supplied has been allocated for donation for one or more of the following reasons (i) return by customer, (ii) defects during the manufacturing process (iii) damaged container, or (iv) other failure to meet Crown Paints’ high quality standards. Accordingly, you agree to accept the paint ‘as is’ and with this knowledge, having satisfied yourself as to its quality and fitness for purpose. Nimtech or Crown Paints’ gives no warranties in this respect.
  • To the extent permitted by law, Nimtech and Crown Paints’ accepts no liability in respect of the quality of the paint, its fitness for purpose or otherwise.
  • Agreement from Nimtech and Crown Paints’ must be sought prior to any publicity relating them to this project.